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5 Ways to Beat Exam Stress

  1. Give yourself a pep talk. I know it might sound a little corny but, if you can calm your inner voice, you will be amazed at the difference in attitude it can have. When you start to worry, or tell yourself; "This is just too hard!", then take a break and do something else. Replace the negative inner dialogue with something positive like "Yes, I can do this. It's easy!"
  2. Get lots of exercise: You should get moving and eat well to help your bodies cope better with the added stress. This will help you to sleep better too. Stay away from the exam junk like chips, pizza and chocolate since they will not provide their brains with the right kind of energy it needs for peak performance.

  3. Chill out: Take a deep breath and realize that exam stress is not helpful. It won't help you study and can actually make it harder to remember anything you're trying to remember. Deep breaths, taking a moment to focus and calm yourself down will help.

  4. Get enough sleep: It may seem like a good idea to give up nap time to study, but in reality, not getting enough sleep will drastically reduce your ability to retain information and deal with stress.

  5. Be realistic: Leaving enough time to study, setting attainable study goals and not leaving everything to the last minute


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