Our School


Our Lady of Mount Pleasant Catholic School (OLMP) resides within the family of Elk Island Catholic Schools (EICS) and is part of Alberta's publicly-funded education system. Located in Camrose, OLMP offers a four-day school week, providing 21st century, quality Catholic education for students in Grades 5 to 12.


Our Division motto is Challenge Accepted.

Our school motto is “Believe, Behave and Become.”  ("3B's")

  • Believing - Represents believing in our Catholic Faith, our values and high standards of education for all students.
  • Behaving - We have high expectations for how students behave at the school, home and surrounding community.  Instilling in them the pride to present themselves in the best manner.
  • Becoming - Represents that every student in our building can become anything they desire.



The staff of OLMP Catholic School believes in:

·         creating in each student a positive self image

·         creating a climate where each student can grow in faith, knowledge and love

·         guiding/fostering intellectual development

·         fostering a spirit of community

·         providing instruction and experiences which enhance and enrich our faith

·         meeting the physical and emotional needs of the individual

·         providing work and play experiences which teach co-operation and sportsmanship

·         setting a positive example for students to follow disciplining students with dignity and fairness.



Our Beliefs

  • That Jesus Christ and his teachings are the foundation and core of our Catholic School Division.
  • That a quality education is a continuing process that develops the whole person in an environment which encourages success.
  • That we live out the Catholic faith through our words, our actions and our interactions.
  • That Catholic education is a shared responsibility between the home, the school, the parish and the community.
  • That education is a lifelong journey during which excellence is actively pursued.
  • That everyone has worth and dignity as a unique creation of God.