Welcome to OLMP and Elk Island Catholic Schools (EICS)!

Thank you for choosing our school division to be part of your child's educational journey. Please see below for information on registering at OLMP Catholic School:


NEW or RETURNING parents to the district who do not currently have a PowerSchool account, please do the following:

a) Click this link to access our online registration tool.

b) Click "Sign Up" and fill out your information (not the student's) to create an account.

c) Once the account is created and you are logged in, click "Add New Student" to begin.


Parents of students who ALREADY ATTEND the district can access this tool from inside their PowerSchool Parent Portal:

a) Log into (contact your school if you do not know your Parent Portal Login Information).

b) Click "Student Forms"

c) Click "Add New Student" to create an account for a new student (e.g. sibling) or click on your child's name if seeking to complete another form (e.g. summer school registration).

Once you've created a student, click their name and choose the appropriate form for the school year you wish to register for.

Please have a copy of your child’s Birth Certificate and other paperwork ready when you begin, as they are required to process the registration. They can be scanned as a PDF document by a scanner or by a phone, then uploaded as part of the registration.

A copy of the Baptismal Certificate to assist us in programming is also appreciated.


To inquire about the status of your child's application, please email us at


For further information on registering at EICS, please click here.

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