Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club is run everyday before school and offers everyone in OLMP the opporunity to eat if they did not get breakfast at home and visit each morning in the commons area before classes start.  Student volunteers are needed to assist with this program throughout the year.


Student Council

Student Council is a group made up of students who wish to be leaders in the school.  They are in charge of organizing and running events within the school (e.g., Halloween activities, dances, school spirit, etc.).  They are also the students who bring ideas forward at meetings and keep their classmates informed as to what is going on in the school.  The meetings take place on Tuesdays at lunch and all students are welcome to join.


Choir - OLMP has an active extra-curricular choir that sings a variety of styles and selections for enjoyment and performance. These include opportunities to sing at mass and entertain at the school’s Christmas dinner. The group includes versatile musicians who sometimes accompany the choir with chimes, ukulele, piano, djembe and other instruments according to interest and ability. The group is open to all students and staff, regardless of musical background.

Enviro-venture Club

The enviro-venture club is a student led team of high school students who care about the environment and like to have fun too. Our main source of fundraising is through bottle collection at the school, and we use these funds to support recycling programs, support initiatives suggested by the group members and fund a year end trip.

High School Leadership

The goal of the OLMP high school leadership club is to build leadership related skills and to promote community service and helping others.