Student Services

Support Services

Student Services

As a Catholic School, we recognize the spiritual domain of all persons. As each student is a gift from God, this value and dignity of the person is central to dealing with each individual and individual situation.

Counselling Services

OLMP Catholic School’s comprehensive Guidance and Counselling Program is dedicated to
making learning a positive experience for all students. The counselors and staff believe that the Junior and Senior High School years are
a great “opportunity to become” and, as a result, endeavor to facilitate and encourage this process.

Counselling services will assist the emerging adult:
• to learn to cope with the many challenges and situations that arise when dealing with personal, interpersonal and spiritual matters
• in their selection of the appropriate stream of high school courses in which to be successful
• in exploring the many career paths available in the 21st century

• in gaining the essential information regarding post secondary admission requirements and procedures;
• to remain current and informed regarding the many scholarships afforded to them via grants, bursaries and scholarships
• provide support and guidance to assist in the teaching/learning process.
• promote communication between the school, home and outside agencies
• help increase students’ social effectiveness and ability to cope

Student Facilitation

OLMP’s philosophy is to meet the needs of all students and assist them to develop physically, mentally, socially and spiritually in Catholic community living the Gospel value of “Everyone Belongs.” In our school, we follow an inclusive model, where all our students participate in the classroom and the broader school setting. We provide a caring supportive environment for students with behavioral, communication, intellectual, learning and physical challenges. Our students are encouraged to foster an understanding of their strengths, so that they can develop a strong sense of self-worth. In addition, we provide opportunities for all students to participate in school activities so that they better understand their interrelationship with others and continue
to build on their strengths. When children are valued, listened to, encouraged, understood and believed in; they will be successful.


K&E Programming

At Our Lady of Mount Pleasant School we are committed to providing quality education to meet the needs of all of our students in an inclusive setting. Some students may benefit from modified academic expectations in the Knowledge and Employability curriculum. Knowledge and Employability course curriculum can be taught from grades 8 to 12 within the context of the regular classroom. 

Knowledge and Employability students will be eligible for a Certificate of High School Achievement upon fulfilling Knowledge and Employability completion requirements. Knowledge and Employability students may have an opportunity to transition from Knowledge and Employability courses to Diploma courses on a course by course basis and may have an opportunity to achieve and Alberta High School Diploma. 

Parents must give annual consent for the implementation of Knowledge and Employability programming. Please contact Mrs. Reinhart, Career Counsellor.

For more information view the Knowledge and Employability Handbook

Family Wellness Worker

Family Wellness Workers

Family Wellness Worker's primary role is to facilitate connections among family, school and community to assist with positive growth. The FWW works as part of a multidisciplinary team to enhance service delivery by helping families set goals, integrate interventions, plan strategies and arrange resources that will help children be successful in school, at home and in their community. The FWW offers support services in a variety of formats (individuals, families, groups) and in a variety of settings (school, home, community settings). The FWW coordinates a collaborative approach to service delivery with school personnel and external service providers.


Student Support

  •         Assist in planning and implementing strategies to address student needs
  •         Help students and families identify personal strengths and resources for positive change
  •         Participate in case conferences
  •         Provide school and/or community based prevention oriented educational groups


Family Support

  •         Promote a closer link among school, family and community
  •         Enhance communication among family, school and community service providers
  •         Provide parent workshops as needed
  •         Plan and facilitate family-oriented programming
  •         Act as a resource for families as needed (provide information, facilitate referrals to community agencies)
  •         Strengthen families by providing support, teaching and resources


School Support

  •         Consult with teachers, counsellors and administration as to students’ needs and progress
  •         Provide consultation for school personnel regarding students’ social and emotional needs